[1991 - 2016] [Digital Information Society]
<cavalier> [savage!cavalier@hyper.dimensional.com] good your here.  I have to
           talk to you!!!  I got a call about the hack we did last week - the
           nasa.gov one... I think I'm in a lot of trouble
<cavalier> [savage!cavalier@hyper.dimensional.com] Greg, don't ignore me, we
           are going to get in big trouble over this!
<cavalier> [savage!cavalier@hyper.dimensional.com] I had to use one of your
           accounts because mine I think are being watched
<cavalier> [savage!cavalier@hyper.dimensional.com] SHIT... call me on my cell
           when you get this message!
<cavalier> boy, wouldn't that just suck... cept i'm not GREG!!@#!#